Become the feminine leader of the Future

- and make a difference in yours and others lives.

You are alive now, you have a soul, you have your life and it is here for you now.

You feel a deep longing to live from your soul and to follow your soul's path fully, to make a difference in your own and others life, but you do not know how.

Somewhere you sense that you have infinite resources and abilities within you, that you are the one you have been waiting for.

You're frustrated that the vast majority of people choose to settle for being, doing, and experiencing less than what is possible. You are frustrated when people don't think they can achieve what they want, they don't think they have the abilities and they believe in limiting believes.

You feel strongly that something else is possible, that you have a choice; To follow the stream of the norm or to follow your soul, to be the whole of you and live your soul's true calling.

You feel that your soul lives within you, all resources and answers are inside - waiting for you. You want to go all in, but don't know how to do it, yet. Let me tell you that following your soul and your heart is easier than you think, it is what you have longed for and following your longing frees you. You are the one you have been waiting for and the time is now.

Feminine leadership takes you from fear and anxiety to trust, power and inner confidence 
- which creates results!

Become the feminine leader of the future!

How would it feels like - if you could transform what prevents you from following your souls longings and make your dreams and visions come true?

We can choose to act from the intention of fear or love and our intention behind our choices and actions affects the outcome. Your obstacles and blocks are different expressions of fear-based intention, which you have inherited and been nurtured to hold on to. By shifting, healing, and transforming fears that have shaped you, you become free to create what you dream of.

The most common limitation is our doubts about ourselves, who we are and what we are capable of. We live with the notion that we are less worthy, less capable, and less magical than we actually are. The diminishing beliefs about ourselves affect what we think, what we feel, what we do, and what results we get.

No matter what you long for and dream about, what your visions are – it is your thoughts and believes about yourself and life that determine whether you realize your dreams or not. Do you dare to take a look at your current results and let them speak to you about how you see yourself and life.

Your own experience of your selfworth...

... is based on thoughts, perceptions, feelings, behaviors, actions, and outcomes that you have been raised and shaped into over generations. Most of us let ourselves be guided by the self-worth we lack and receive recurring evidence of it in the form of problems, limitations, and disappointments.

Do you think your limiting perceptions of yourself can realize your visions? Or are you ready to change the image of who you are and be all that you are; Your soul, your abilities, your true energy and power? Are you willing to feel your true worth, your real power and live from within?

The feminine leadership of the future connects with nature, the seasons, the moon and the universal rythm of life.

Examples of visions and dreams that customers have realized!

  • Found home to them selves their body and soul, to their own energy,  power, self-worth and a real steady faith in themselves, life and the Universe.
  • Found deep meaning in everyday life, feeling good in balance with one’s own body, feelings, nature and seasons.
  • Realized dreams such as writing and publishing books, met love and started a family, moved to dream housing, got a new dream job, started their own business and/or found deep community with like-minded people
  • Increased turnover by 10-100% in own company
  • Conceptualized ideas and ten-fold revenue
  • Realized author dreams and published book
  • Increased the value of the company by millions
I wouldn't be where I am today without Lina's education. I thank Lina with all my heart for the development she made possible and supported./ Marjo Särkimäki

Feminine leadership balances masculine energy such as structure and action with feminine energy of being, rhythm and flow.

The masculine energy is like the sounding bowl, which holds the space for the flow of the feminine music. Where the feminine timbre also can change the structure.

Feminine leadership is not bound by gender but by the point of departure from the wisdom of the soul and heart.

Do you feel your souls longing?

A longing that attracts, that pulls, that you may have tried to suppress – but that still demands. Maybe it is a dream, a vision that you would like to realize; if only you knew how? The question now is, are you prepared to realize what you dream of?
Is it just a matter of knowing HOW? Or what else holds you back?
Scarsity, fear of failing or succeeding?

Start right now! Feel and imagine what it would be like to realize your longing and your dream. Feel what it would be like to get help with how, to gain knowledge that makes a difference and step by step integrate knowledge into your life with support by your side. What would it be like to invest fully in your longing, your dream and vision?

Lina is absolutely amazing in her guidance and she is such an inspiring person! She IS FLOW!!!! The training changed my life. Do you get the chance to do it? Take it! / Frida Taipale


Lina Lanestrand's education is a life-changing journey. In addition to providing deep insights into how we can work with and heal ourselves and others, learning with Lina Lanestrand adds another dimension. The enormous knowledge, love and care that Lina conveys extends far beyond the classroom and is a blessing in itself. I am sincerely grateful that I chose this particular education, I highly recommend it.
Tia Jumbe
Gratitude for the fantastic knowledge that Lina conveys in the education in energy medicine. Ancient magical knowledge remade and passed on for a modern society that has lost its soul. The knowledge conveyed in this course will help you find your way back to your soul so you can pass on your knowledge/gifts. The fact that the education is online-based makes it even clearer that energies are universal and independent of physical proximity, which for me is amazing and magical.
Camilla Sporre
With Lina's knowledgeable, warm and razor-sharp guidance, there is nothing more to be desired from this education. Highly recommended if you want to find home even more in yourself, let go of old destructive behaviors and have greater access to your creativity and love... that not only you but everyone around you gets pleasure from. There is of course more to say.... like that I appreciate Lina's quality thinking and anchoring in the scientific world - so energy medicine gets its rightful place as the medicine of the future and is not perceived as fluffy.
Karin Lilje

Did you know?

That the feminine leadership of the future

Is a leadership that leads from the inside out, in contact with the heart and soul to make a real difference with a present, responsive, clear leadership that creates security and gathers commitment, energy as well as power to realize goals and visions in good community.


Feminine leadership works from the inside out, in contact with the heart and soul to make a real difference with a present, responsive, clear leadership that creates security and gathers commitment, energy as well as power to realize goals and visions in good community.

Just imagine ...

What would it be like to go from

  • The duties and musts of everyday life to a life where every day is a real gift?
  • To feel stuck, blocked and limited, perhaps trapped to be free and present and truly enjoy your life?
  • Solitude to safe community in sacred space, which means support in both good days and bad days
  • To accept limits in life and that your dreams are impossible to actually realize your longings and your visions?
  • To move from unconscious gears and blocks to deep healing of fears and limits that holds you back.
  • To go from the seemingly impossible to the dream life?
  • To go from longing for more to really being and making a difference in your and others’ lives?

The feminine leadership of the future training lasts for nine months and will help you to

  • Identify and transform your self-worth
  • Identify your ego, fears, and obstacles to finding, feeling, and following your soul
  • Define and transform limiting thought patterns/beliefs
  • Face shadows and what is hidden in the dark to heal, so you can stand in your power and spread your light
  • Unlock the fear of deep emotions and the uncontrolled to affirm all parts and the flow of life
  • Clarify habits and behaviors that limit to choose what benefits and makes a real difference

Nine months that'll make the difference

The training is designed to make results for you! The education is based on a combination of knowledge, energy medicine, coaching, commitments and action. You get instruction, tools and a study buddy to help you keep momentum.

In the training, you take your visions seriously and take active, courageous steps to realize them. The approach is based on current research on leadership training that gives results, so it is structured with recurring meetings, study buddies and commitments that make you apply the knowledge and go from words to action.

Is this for you?

The education suits you if you...

  • Feeling stuck in stress, pressure and in the experience of external circumstances
  • Feeling trapped in everyday tables and must-haves
  • Want something more in life but you may not even know what it is
  • Doubt yourself and experience that your longings, dreams and visions are impossible to realize
  • Never implement and complete what you want, because there will always be something or someone else in between
  • Feeling an untapped potential within you but no one knows how to get hold of it

Start right now!

Imagine your visions becoming reality and life is so much more magical and better than you ever could have imagined.

The education is designed so you come home to yourself, your soul, your potential – so your soul can lead you on the path of your life.

Lina lives the doctrine herself and has a unique combination of behavioral science, spirituality and energy medicine. Lina has helped hundreds of people with leadership development, leadership and energy medicine.



Looking forward to connect with you!

Lina Lanestrand

Lina is filled with life energy and creativity. She has dedicated herself to a soul-driven life where visions and dreams lead her path, both privately and professionally. She lives with her family on the horse farm, of her dreams.

Lina has twenty years of experience in leadership and organizational development, and has for example worked as a leadership trainer, developing leader and a marketing manager. She is a behavioral scientist, transformative coach, NLP master practitioner, a practioner and trainer in energy medicine.

She has ran her own business for 15 years and since 2018 she runs the Scandinavian Energy Medicine School. There, energy medicine practioners and conscious powerful leaders are trained to achieve their visions, with alignment and flow, without stress, worry or hard work.